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The following policy on cookies is prepared by the Office of Papal Charities (Elemosineria Apostolica) to describe the types of cookies used on the site, which comprises every extension of that domain (the “Site”) and its related platform, with the objective of stating the motives and the conditions of the use of the same. The optimal use of the Site or its Services goes with the use of some cookies meant for the user’s device. Therefore, to proceed with navigation [on the Site] is an automatic authorization given to the Office of Papal Charities to determine some of the appropriate cookies for use. However, it is possible to cancel and avoid the use of some specific types of cookies, as well-laid out in the browser configuration setting in the successive paragraph on “Disabling the Use of Cookies”.


Cookies are text files used for automatic authentications, tracking of sessions and keeping of specific information regarding users’ access to the server of the Office of Papal Charities. Therefore, they are actually strings of text,  small in dimension, sent from the server of the Office of Papal Charities to the web client (usually to a browser of the user) and then returned from the client’s (browser) to the sever (without modifications), whenever the same section of the same web domain is accessed by the user. A cookie is, therefore, a little file which requests the user’s permission to be remembered on the hard disk of the latter.  Once consensus is reached on the stated modalities, the file is added subsequently; the cookie helps to analyse the user’s web traffic, authorizing the knowledge of their visit to a particular internet site. In this way, the web application can rightly be adapted to the operational needs and/or likes of the user while memorizing and saving information pertinent to the user’s preferences.


The Office of Papal Charities employs the following types of cookies:

  • Technical Cookies: These are those cookies necessary for the operation of the Site and for the supply of the services to the user.
  • Cookies C.D. (customer dimension) “Analytics”: These enter the macro domain of technical cookies, used by the Office of Papal Charities to statistically analyse access and/or visits to the Site and are exclusively installed for statistical reasons and/or collect information in a consolidated manner. Actually, the “Google Analytics” cookie is used on the Site for the reasons just stated.
  • Session Cookies: These are technical cookies sent from the server of the Office of Papal Charities to the user’s terminal, and occasionally, from third party sites to track the use of the Site in a particular session. These cookies are generally stored on the user’s browser for a session and expire when the browser is closed.
  • Persistent Cookies: They are constant cookies which continue to function even after the browser is closed. This facilitates a much easy and rapid access to the Site.
  • Functional Cookies: They permit the Site to remember the user’s choices (user’s name, language, country) and so help better personalized services.
  • Performance Cookies: They collect and analyse the pieces of information with the use of the Site by guests (pages visited, number of visits, the length of time at the Site, etc.), to enable a better navigation experience. Such cookies do not gather information which could identify the user. All data from these cookies are consolidated and consequently, are anonymously used to improve the Site’s operation.
  • [First] Party Cookies: They are the cookies directly installed on the user’s device by the Office of Papal Charities in a way that makes efficient the operation of the Site and track the behavioural patterns of visitors on the Site.
  • Third Party Cookies: These are the cookies installed by subsidiary companies connected to the Office of Papal Charities on the Site. The Site can host in its browser notices, classified ads like publicity banners of other companies, who in turn install cookies. They can exclusively be used to keep user data, and on some occasions, within one or more websites.


The Office of Papal Charities uses the following third party cookies:

  • The Donatio payment system which authorizes the giving of donations; such cookie is internally managed by the Internet Office of the Vatican.
  • The EPay online payment system which allows payment online; such cookie is managed by the Internet Office of the Vatican.
  • The shipment system offered by the DHL courier services for the delivery of Apostolic Blessings (on parchment).


Most browsers are, for a start, configured automatically to accept cookies. It is possible, nonetheless, to modify these settings and block the use of cookies using the browser settings. The management of cookies come in varied forms. We do ask the user to turn to the help screen on their browser to find out about browser regulation and modification in the browser settings. Disabling the use of technical cookies and/or those operational ones can cause malfunctioning of the Site and/or limitation of services offered by the Office of Papal Charities.

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